I am so glad we have connected. The Champagne Chakra Shoppe is for life, love and the celebration of both. Not the conventional thinking about love but the much more interesting, bigger, bolder truth of love. The love that permeates our heart and soul and calls us to pay attention to our life.

The world we live in is the synchronization of energy, vibrations and frequency. Love is a frequency that we all desire, secretly or openly. The opposite of fear, it is a frequency more than it is an emotion. When we get on the frequency of love, our life shifts in ways we could never have anticipated when mired in the frequency of fear.

When we get on the frequency of love we get into what I call The Champagne Chakra. The Champagne Chakra is a metaphor I use for the natural instinct all humans feel subconsciously about love: that it is an instinct, an energy, as it feels like being in love, regardless of having another person involved.

It is a love for life. Gratitude for life. Celebration of life.

Like Champagne bubbles, the love we feel wants to flow freely out of us. Our natural instinct is both to love and to be loved. Poets, artists, mystics and musicians have shared for centuries, in many ways, that "all you need is love".

Like Champagne bubbles, the love will no longer be contained. The Champagne Chakra is the feeling you have when all your chakra's are open and your energy is flowing because your body, heart and mind are in harmony. 

The name The Champagne Chakra came to me in a meditation in 2019. Champagne is part of my life…My mom always had a bottle of Champagne in the fridge in case someone popped over with exciting news to celebrate. She was fun, ready for anything, always showing up for life. The history of Champagne is equally fun …. The French Catholic monk Dom Pérignon was the winemaker in France who finally gave in to the bubbles that he so fervently disliked when enough people demanded the bubbly champagne over his original flat champagne. The Widow Cliquot perfected the bottling of Champagne because she knew the truth - life is meant to be bubbly, fun and celebrated. If you pop over with something to celebrate, you will find a bottle of Champagne in my fridge too.

I spent my formative years shopping with my mom, Mary Lou. She had so much fun buying gifts for the people in her life. 

On weekday mornings until I went to school, she would take me to pick up Grandpa, then in his 80s, to drive him to his office. We lived in Winnipeg. He worked daily until noon because it gave him joy. We would drive downtown across the bridge that accidentally introduced me to vibration and meditation. In the back seat of the big old Pontiac Parisienne, I anticipated the moment we would reach the bridge. The pavement gave way to a metal grate surface. The car started to vibrate. I would close my eyes and hum along. All the way across the bridge, the vibration resonating through my body. 

Across the bridge, after we dropped Grandpa off, we would go to the Hudson's Bay Department Store. It was glamorous to me! Marble bathrooms with knee operated faucets, pretty chairs and mirrors if you wanted to put lipstick on. Candy. I always got a tiny bag of candy when we arrived. Candy corn, green spearmint leaves and liquorice. Then off to walk among the pretty, sparkly things! 

This Shoppe celebrates the joy of giving gifts to the loved ones in our lives, because life is all about giving and receiving. And, most importantly, you are the central person to love in your life. My journals help you fall in love with yourself and your life.

Books and journals have long been my favourite gifts to give and receive.  Words are vibration. The words we see, hear, speak and wear directly affect our vibration. Choose your words with love and wisdom.

If you are curious to learn more about living your life in the Champagne Chakra, I invite you to visit my other website at www.celialouise.com