Understanding Your Doorways to Meditation

Understanding Your Doorways to Meditation

Did you know that there are at least 112 doorways into meditation, and everyone has experienced a doorway in the form of a meditative moment in their life? 

I want to help you uncover yours, so that meditation is accessible to you. 

Words are a barrier for many people to meditation. For me a better word would be harmony - as in I am creating harmony with my body, mind and heart.

Meditation / Harmony can look like this: 

  • Walking in nature
  • Runners High
  • Heart Meditation done anywhere / anytime
  • Lying down and doing the Champagne Chakra meditation
  • Sitting and listening to a guided meditation
  • Holding a newborn baby
  • Making love with your soul mate
  • Staring at a candle, the stars or clouds
  • Art, doodling, colouring
  • Swimming, floating
  • Quiet Reflection

I experienced my first true meditation on a beach in Mexico during a yoga teaching training where we were given different meditation styles to try. I admire the skill of athletes dedicated to practicing their movement. I kept practicing meditation, and it was movement that finally got me there.

I chose a walking meditation because I like to move more than I like to sit. Walking mindfully in the hot afternoon sun in a figure eight pattern under the only two trees on the beach, I finally connected. My mind cleared, my energy soared, and a feeling I had never experienced before washed over me. It was a combination of gratitude, joy, love and bliss. 

I believe meditation bliss and runners high are the same. Experiences in nature often lead to feelings of awe and beauty that make you feel more alive. Walking in nature, especially in a forest or on a beach also connects you to meditative bliss.

There is only one source of energy in the universe and you are part of that source energy. When you get into harmony with it, it moves into your life as your most effective co- creative power. 

Successful business people talk about the routines that make them who they are. Meditation is one routine that many of them say is where their creativity and inspiration comes from. 

I know this is true for me. My morning meditation sets the tone for my day. At some point I will get an inspirational hit, usually near the end of my meditation, that suddenly gives me the topic of what I want to research or write, or an answer to something.

I created a Meditation Guidebook as part of my 30 Day Champagne Chakra Guided Journal Series to invite you to rediscover your natural ability to meditate. There is a natural response the body has called the relaxation response. This is as natural as the stress response known as fight, flight or freeze. Both of these responses are our natural instincts. Everything has an opposite in our world, and the opposite of the stress response is the relaxation response. Because it is talked about much less, it is less understood, less obvious and misunderstood. 

For thirty days you can practice the these different forms of meditation and see what feels right for you. Find your doorways into your meditation practice. And remember it is a practice, so allow yourself some freedom!

In the Meditation Guidebook, I teach you my favourite three meditative styles: 

1) Heart Meditation:

It’s time to reclaim your heart. Did you know that your heart has 40,000 neurons that can sense, feel, learn and remember independently of your brain? These neurons make your “heart brain” and this brain communicates with and influences your cranial brain. Research scientists made this discovery in 1991. Prior to this it was believed that only the brain sent information to the heart. Your heart has a magnetic force 5000 times stronger than the brain. It sends more signals to your brain than your brain sends to your heart, and your heart’s electromagnetic field is imprinted by your emotions.

How you are feeling affects your heart rhythm patterns. When your heart rhythm is coherent, your body, including your brain, begins to experience all sorts of benefits, among them greater mental clarity and intuitive ability, including better decision making.

Coherence is alignment between your heart, mind, and emotions. Coherence places your body in a state of safety and allows you to access your heart and brain for the answer that is true to you.

You can practice this heart coherence meditation anytime, anywhere. It is a great energy shifter.

2) Champagne Chakra Meditation:

This is the meditation that feels to me like champagne bubbles moving through my body, up my energy channels and out the top of my head. And this is how the name The Champagne Chakra came to me in meditation.

The Champagne Chakra meditation is about moving your energy through your main energy channel from your perineum to your pineal gland. Start thinking of meditation like brushing your teeth or washing your face: now you can clean your energy. Meditation washes your mind, and trust me, it needs washing daily. This is a quick daily energy cleanse.

3) Question Meditation:

Before going to sleep, act like Thomas Edison, who said: “Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious. 

Many of the world’s most successful people intentionally direct questions to source energy before they go to sleep. I was fascinated when I learned this, and I love doing it because I get better answers because I am connected to the love and wisdom of source energy instead of my limited rational thinking.  

So, my invitation to you is to be open, and find a meditation style that suits you. My body wakes me up to meditate every morning, and it feels like Champagne bubbles. I found the bliss point and love to teach this to others.

Meditation is a skill that we all need. I like to think of it as routine as cleaning my teeth. Only this is cleaning your mind!

Minimum of 5 minutes before I get out of bed in the morning, and just before I go to sleep. It helps me sleep soundly all night long. Five minutes can make a huge impact on your life, and may inspire you to meditate longer someday! Click here to get your copy today!



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