Understanding the Role of Your Root Chakra

Understanding the Role of Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is part of your fascinating energy channel through which your life force energy flows. I love working through the chakra system because it is an easy to understand framework that guides you to which chakras need your attention and how you can improve your life. 

Chakras play a major role in how you understand your life based on the conditioning you have experienced. Many women believe that being radiant comes with the glow of pregnancy, or the glow of being in love. The truth is, radiance, and your ability to shine brightly, starts with reviewing each chakra. How radiant is the chakra it on its own, and how does it contribute to your overall glow?

The seven chakra symbols are traditionally drawn as lotus flowers that correspond to the colours of the rainbow. Each colour and each chakra resonating at different frequencies, with the root chakra in red at the lowest frequency with the longest wavelengths. The crown chakra on the other end of the spectrum is associated with the colour violet with the shortest wavelengths and the highest frequency of these seven chakras. Together they create a radiant harmony in your body. You are born with a keen awareness of this harmony. Most children lose or hide this awareness, especially if they are raised to believe the power of life is outside of them or does not exist.

Your root chakra is called Muladhara, the name comes from the Sanskrit, mula meaning “root” and Adhara, which means “support” or “base.” A root chakra that is not in harmony can express itself in negative patterns that weave in and out of your life:

  • negativity
  • dysfunctional family relationships
  • money issues
  • eating disorders
  • gain weight around the bottom half of your body
  • feel unmotivated
  • get angry quickly
  • feel a need to control situations or other people
  • tendency to be a workaholic and experience burn out 
  • lack of connection with other people and nature

 When your root chakra is radiant you have energy and confidence you feel ready for what life brings, and trust the divine intelligence of life. You have trust in yourself, and feel connected to nature and others deeply. You find it easy to be authentic and able to be in the present moment. You flow with your energy instead of feeling a need to fight, protect or defend yourself. 

Many people believe that they cannot change the areas of their life that they don't like. The truth is, that many people don't know themselves well enough to understand how they can shift their life to a better place every day. That's right, I said it. Know yourself! In fact, make a commitment to get to know yourself better every day instead of simply living with yourself as you are. 

When I first heard this, I was a little indignant, and thought hmmm, "I know myself!" But when I started journaling to questions my coach asked me, I learned a lot of things I had glossed over, ignored, or never even thought about before! 

Knowing more about yourself, your limiting beliefs and your hidden paradigms can give you insights and you can create energetic shifts daily. You will have more "aha" moments when you take time each morning when you wake up and write one page of thoughts or answer a guiding question. 

When you want to lean in and learn about your root chakra, write your thoughts about survival, money, vitality, wounding, security, support, stability, sexuality, individuality, awareness and perception. One of the things I love to do with my coaching clients is to give them a series of questions to answer - this helps them shift faster in between our sessions. So to help others who want to shift I have created the Champagne Chakra 30 Day Guided Journal Series. The goal of these journals is to open your awareness so that you can elevate through the natural sequence of frequencies to the one that your desire lives in.


Guided journaling helps make you a keen observer of your spirit, opening the doors of awareness and perception so that you can be more of who you desire to be. It is also an action step that helps you sort out and move towards the actions you must take to create the life of your desires.

There are journals in this series for each chakra, as well as journals specific to areas where many people get stuck in life. Journaling will help you through the areas you are stuck.

These journals are a guidebook, with instructions and information to help you with the topic of each journal. Like having a private coaching session in each journal! Perfect for yourself and as a gift for a friend so you can learn practice together. Also makes a really fun book club experience!

Light a candle, get your favourite pen, and answer the questions each day for 30 days. Take yourself on an amazing date, and ask these questions as if you were sitting across the table from the love of your life. And then, do just that, become the love of your life. The more you love you, the more love you have for your life and the people you share it with.

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Try a journal today! 




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