Inviting Enchantment Back Into Your Life

Inviting Enchantment Back Into Your Life

Love is the most powerful force in the universe. The work I do is deeply influenced those whose words inspire me daily. Today I want to honour and quote Dr Joe Dispenza: “The miraculous is our future. The supernatural is our future. Empowering people by example is our future. You have no idea no idea what you're doing today who it's going to influence in the future. You have no idea when you choose yourself and get out of bed and get up in the morning and do the work not because you have to confess to some priest that you didn't do it but because you want to do it because you want to awaken the divine in you.”

Dr. Joe, among others, has influenced my current project, writing a book called Divine Enchantment. Here is an excerpt I want to share with you:

A question for you to ponder: Do we need more therapy for our mental health, or do we need reconnection to our own enchanting divinity? I am advocating for the latter. It is my experience that when we don’t feel a deep sense of the meaning of life, we distract ourselves with shopping, alcohol, drugs or sex in the hope of creating happiness, but end up only numbing the inner call that we don’t understand. Inward understanding changes what you do on the outside, and allows space for inner joy to grow. Like Michangelo said about his carving of David - "David was always in the stone, I simply took away what wasn’t him”. When we remove all the beliefs that do not belong to us, we reveal our true divine self. This revelation allows us to feel the most alive, the most enchanted, in this life. 

I invite you to join me in being enchanted with life. I was enticed here by curiosity about the mystery of our life and a very fleeting sense of divinity. Millions of people throughout the centuries have been taught that divinity is outside of you, but that is not true. Release the picture of God as a judgemental, punishing authority figure in the sky. Invite the vision of a co-creative loving energy full of wisdom. You are a spiritual being having a human experience here on earth. Your part is to be curious, courageous, and connected to this divine energy. This is a beautiful foundation for living a life that you love, where the strength of your inner joy brings your sorrow back to your heart to be washed in love.

I took the scenic route here. Like a scrappy barn kitten that refuses to be caught but is also curious, I was skittish and hung out on the outside of the divine aspect of our life until it made sense to me. I had to unlearn what I had been taught and release judgment of the mysteries of life I did not understand. When I chose enchantment as my path to the divine, I was led deep into the meaning of life as the infinite power of divine love both within and without us. We are one with this loving power. It is feminine and it is masculine. It is divine energy and divine wisdom that create this power of love.

Enchantment happens at the moment we feel the Divine within us and ourselves within the Divine in an awe filled synergistic experience. It can be so fleeting we don’t recognize it at first, or it can hold us in its embrace for hours. This is the feeling of expecting miracles. Miracles come in many forms, and many of them are simply unfolding us in the mystery of love that life is. To experience divinity is to be enchanted. To experience enchantment is to be divine. Cultivate and savour every touch, taste, scent, sound and sight that you love. This is divine enchantment.

Embracing the divinity of life is an enchanting sensory experience. In Sanskrit, there is a term, Indriya, describing the senses as the companions of the divine. Enjoy your senses as gifts of the divine for you to delight in life. They are to be celebrated. Observe the divine in nature - the sights, sounds, smells, taste and touch of it. Hear it in pleasing music, taste it in delicious food, see it in exquisite art. In life, feel it in the hugs of friends and family, and especially in looking in the eyes of whoever you are with. Witness the divine in everyone. Enchantment is the divinity of our life, it is our birthright and our legacy.

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